Residential Solutions

TechForce Technology provides On-Site service for all your residential computing needs.  Our trained staff is able to assist with hardware problems, software problems, improve your computer’s performance, upgrade components, or even install a wireless network in your home for internet and file sharing.  Tired of sitting on the phone with customer service reps when what you need is a qualified technician?  TechForce Technology technicians will come to your home to solve your computer troubles.  No need to pack up your computer and take it to the nearest computer store for repairs or become lost in a backlog of open support calls.  Once you’ve experienced the level of service TFT provides, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!


We offer a wide range of home services!


Residential customers now have access to these professional services.


  •       Operating system installs
  •       Virus detection and remediation
  •       Networks
  •       Printer installs
  •       Wireless networking
  •       Media Center integration
  •       Application support
  •       Training
  •       Hardware upgrades


Online & On-Site Computer Repair Services

  •       We can fix your PC remotely, or dispatch a tech to your location.
  •       We can fix most problems in less than 1 hour.
  •       Online repairs are only charged if the repair is successful.
  •       No hourly rates, one fixed price covers it all online or in-home.
  •       Our highly trained techs can remove any virus- even if it is blocking access to your programs or Internet.


Virus and Spyware

Common Virus Symptoms

Are you blocked out of your Windows programs or unable to access the Internet?

Does your computer frequently restart or stop responding?

Do you click on one search result and get re-directed to a different page?

Do you have an “automatic” virus scan coming up on your computer telling you that you need to purchase a lifetime subscription?

These are just a few of the common computer virus symptoms.


Remote Tech Support

24 hours a day – 7 days a week!

We specialize in online virus removal.

We offer aggressively competitive fees for remote tech support, virus and spyware/malware removal, or any other PC software repair service.

If you can’t connect for online computer repair just call us at 1-877-832-3672. In many cases we can resolve the issue over the phone.

Our customers are often surprised that their problems were caused by computer malware, and there are over a million different PC viruses. Unfortunately, no anti-virus product will protect you from all of them. Usually, by the time we are called, the infections have spread throughout the PC, damaging the operating system in the process. Virus removal can also remove crucial system files that have become infected, so people should back up everything they don’t want to lose and be very careful removing viruses on their own. TechForce Technology is experienced at repairing the damage as long as the PC will still power up.

Online computer repair companies are becoming more popular, but one has to be careful which one they choose. If the person who answers the phone or the assigned remote computer repair technician can’t be clearly understood, it’s going to be difficult, if not impossible to work with them. And what is the point in spending $200 to repair an old PC when you can buy a new one for $300? Do not be overcharged for online tech support!