IT Professional Staffing

TechForce Technology develops cohesive partnerships with clients to optimize their operational efficiency.  TechForce Technology utilize our recruiting expertise to effectively identify the best talent available in the market.  Our professional network spans across a vast array of functions and industries. Integrity and our commitment to succeed allows us to operate outside of the traditional “recruiting firm” scope.  The candidates presented by TechForce are not only meant to complement your current environment but to strategically position your firm for profitable longevity.

  • Staff Augmentation
    Identifying top talent across a vast array of functions and industries on a direct-hire and contingent basis.
  • Executive Searches
    Partnering to efficiently acquire the future executive leadership of your organization.
  • Human Resource Outsourcing
    Managing your Employee Relations, Compensation/Benefits and Talent Acquisition processes in order to minimize risk and increase profit margins.

Our Human Resource Outsourcing Services offer solutions ranging from completely outsourcing your Human Resource responsibilities to only outsourcing certain functions.  The most unique aspect of our services is the initial assessment process which is free to our clients and provides insight regarding potential opportunities to improve efficiency and minimize risk.

While partnering with your firm, there will be a team of experienced professionals that will participate in fulfilling your needs.  This team will communicate with your organization through a dedicated HR Client Manager. Having one point of contact will help to maintain consistency and communication throughout the Human Resource process.  Your HR Client Manager will directly manage your team based on agreed upon procedures and will provide your senior leadership with valuable analytic as well.

What are the advantages?

  • Reduce the potential for costly law suits due to lack of knowledge or HR expertise.
  • Take advantage of cost savings as our clients can potentially save up to 50% in comparison to their current HR operational expenses.
  • Gain back your focus on revenue generating initiatives while allowing TechForce to manage your Human Capital.

“The average cost of a Labor/HR related law suit in 2009 was $225,000.00. This number does NOT include any of the damages that were awarded.” – Ford & Harrison