Central Receiving & Distrubution Operations

TechForce Technology has extensive experience in providing logistical support for its Clients.  TechForce Technology will provide shipping and receiving support if the Client desires this service.  TechForce Technology’s shipping and receiving warehouse facility will deliver the following benefits for our clients:

  • Secure product and recovered asset storage
  • Off-site sensitive equipment storage
  • Staging area resources

TechForce Technology Central Receiving Division is a full service materials handling and distribution platform.  Our staging/logistics personnel are experienced in all phases of inbound (receiving and returns) and outbound operations (packaging and shipping).  This is a corporate facility dedicated to the receipt, proper establishment of asset management internal controls and prompt communication of receipts/distribution to Client oversight personnel.

In addition to our corporate receiving resources, TechForce Technology has the capability to utilize on-site personnel to interface with our Asset Management Team to identify, (tag and cross-reference asset attributes) to purchase documents and provide comprehensive reports of capital/controlled assets which have been received at the facility.

TechForce Technology has without incident, received secured, imaged and deployed thousands of technology components to various clients.  In many cases, the volume of IT equipment located within our warehouse facility has exceeded ten-thousand (10,000) devices. As a matter of standard procedure, TechForce Technology Central Receiving personnel perform the following high-level functions:

  • Reconciles the shipper’s packing slip to the items received and reports any variances to both the client and the vendor delivering the equipment.
  • Inspect the external packaging for damages
  • Document and reconcile damaged product to the return materials authorizations and then to the receipt of replacement product(s).
  • Coordinate delivery of Client’s product to proper signature authority personnel