Asset Management

TechForce Technology’s Fixed Asset Management Professional Services Division is experienced in providing asset management solutions for the following sectors:

  • Higher Education Fixed Asset Management
  • State and Local Government Fixed Asset Management
  • Large Corporate Fixed Asset Management

Benefits of implementation and maintenance of a fixed asset management subsystem:

  • Provides reporting mechanism for proper assessment of IT infrastructure
  • Strengthen internal controls over IT personal property
  • Provides mechanism for annual and periodic validation of IT personal property
  • Provides reporting mechanism to assist with minimization of duplicate acquisition activity
  • Reduced cost through accurate identification of warranty violation
  • Maximizes re-utilization efforts i.e., asset recovery attributable to idle status or employee departure

TechForce Technology’s approach is to implement a flexible and comprehensive fixed asset inventory subsystem enabling Clients to capture detailed information pertaining to capital and controlled asset items:

  • Allow access to fixed asset data via a web-based application
  • Increase the integrity of inventory related data and stream-line fixed asset related work-flow by implementation of bar-code technology;
  • Maintain data integrity to ensure accurate personal property related assessments including technology levels, disaster recovery, and valuation of assets;
  • Provide methodology to reconcile fixed asset subsystem data to internal financial systems;
  • Implementation or development of policy and practitioners standards (best practices) regarding fixed asset management
  • Effectively manage all phases of the asset life cycle